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  1. Jynxed Part 1
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Jynxed Part 1

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Every once in a while I feel alone.
And I sit on forest bottom stones.
I'd think awhile but I wouldn't get that far.
Sitting perfectly still moss grows unharmed.

As time falls still on me, I begin to wonder how you got so far away from me, and into.

Chasing all your shadows, fallin' down that rabbit hole.
Anyone could have told you that, no one returns as they left anyways.

Forest rock, could you teach me how to stand.
I've learned patience from you but its time I must be a man.
The vines they will surely miss me so.
Its time I have but its always time to go.

Its my turn to see, and I know its not the only way.
But I've got to do something, and that somethings got to be today.
Time, will surely show, the true colors of the earth to me when I return home, from.

Chasing all my shadows, lead me down that rabbit hole, if I don't return then I don't care, 'cause I'll be floatin' everywhere...