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I like to be Random, I like to be random oh yeah.
Lord knows I'm random with them too.
I like to be random, and in between.
I like to be caught off guard drowning in the scene.
I like to be random and discrete.
A flower on the wall paper of your dream.

You touched me to the naked eye ain't no sweeter device.
No smoother a fine line between wrong and right.
Random why don't you wanna be?
Why don't you be random with me?
Random and free, 'cause I've watched you dance and now you're watching me.

Picket pocket fence, links of chain on bricks, would you like to see.
Clay, mold spore prints, and the pcylocibin hit me randomly.
Take me from this skin hold, and transcend the corridor, of human emotion, of human emotion. Random why don't you wanna be, why don't you be random and free! Yeah.